The Willows Swim Club is a privately owned cooperative club, meaning that each bonded member (or family) owns part of the club. In accordance with our Bylaws, ownership is limited to 285 bonded family memberships, so each bonded family actually owns 1/285 of the club. Pre-memberships are offered to families waiting to become owners or who do not want to become owners. Other memberships are offered to former bonded owners who resign their memberships.

Please submit an application to become a new member.

If there is presently a waiting list for bonded ownership, new families will be offered a pre-membership (see below) so they can enjoy the club while waiting. As current owners resign, their bonded memberships are sold to new families who wish to become bonded owners.

The bond costs $600 and is your ownership purchase in the Willows. It is a one-time payment (which is refunded when your bond is sold). In the future, if you resign from the Willows in accordance with the Bylaws, and your membership is in good standing, we will offer your bond to new families who are interested in the Willows. Once your bond is sold, we will issue you a bond refund. Resignations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis and we cannot guarantee when your bond will sell.

Yes. Every year, each bonded family must pay an annual maintenance fee which is due by April 30. Please see the Membership Fees page for the current fees.

YES! Although becoming a bonded member is the most economical way to enjoy the Willows Swim Club, we also offer many non-bonded memberships. Information on all types of memberships can be found here.

Click on the Login button at the top right.  Your login is your email address but you have the ability to retrieve your login and password on this screen.

Each account requires:

  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Current Year Pool Waiver to be completed before the season
  • Photo for all members on the account
  • *If more than 2 adults are on the membership proof or residency will be required.

Yes, you can purchase guest passes via your account or at the Front Desk.

To use your account:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on Payments
  • Make a Payment
  • Purchase Guest Passes- individual or bulk

Once purchased, guest passes will automatically be added to your account, and can be redeemed at the front desk.

Guest Policy

The Clubhouse is available for parties to members with current on their fees.  To make a reservation, please follow these steps:

-Log into your account

-Click on Reservations

-Click on Make a Reservation

-Select Pavilion Rental

-Select Date and Time and fill out required information

-You will automatically receive an email with next steps

Please complete the resignation form below: