1. All persons using the facilities of the Club do so at their own risk. The Willows Swim Club will not be responsible for any accident or injury or loss of property due to theft or fire.
  2. Members are asked to observe a 5-mile-per-hour speed limit on pool property, to park only in designated areas, and to keep the entrance walk free and clear in case of emergency.
  3. All bicycles are to be locked and parked in stalls provided for that purpose. Bicycles are not to be ridden on pool property.
  5. Carriages, playpens, etc., will be stored in designated areas only, and must be clearly marked as to ownership. Under no circumstances will carriages or playpens be permitted on the deck of either pool.
  6. Members are required to return all recreational equipment to the office when they have completed their game, at which time their deposit will be refunded.
  7. Lost articles will be placed inside the designated Lost & Found. Those articles will be displayed regularly along the fence, and disposed of on the last day of the season.
  8. All suggestions and complaints must be directed, in writing, to the Pool Managers or to the Willows Swim Club Board of Trustees.
  9. Violation of these Rules of Conduct, Use of Equipment, and/or Personal Conduct could be deemed sufficient reason for suspension of pool privileges without fee refund, as directed by the Board of Trustees.
  10. Tennis reservations may be made up to 24 hours in advance. These reservations may be made in person or over the phone, but not by leaving a message. Use of courts will be allowed by members if they were not previously reserved.
  11. Schedule of activities and other club news can be found on the club website at
  12. These Rules and Regulations may be revised or additional rules established at any time by the Rules Committee or the Board of Trustees. The Pool Manager may modify, void or otherwise change existing rules at any time in matter of safety.


For the comfort, enjoyment and safety of all members, we require the following:

  1. Children who are not toilet trained must be in diapers and must have a bathing suit covering their diaper at all times.
  2. Children who are not toilet trained are restricted to the use of the Kiddie Pool when swimming, unless they are wearing a swim diaper and then they will be permitted in the Main Pool with a parent who must be within arms length of their child. Families who violate this rule will be barred from entering the club for a length of time to be determined by the Board of trustees.
  3. Children of any age with uncontrolled toilet habits must be accompanied by an adult to the toilet facilities at all times.
  5. Admission to the pool may be denied to any person showing evidence of skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, nasal or ear discharges, or any communicable disease.
  6. Persons with excessive sunburn, open blisters, cuts or bandages will be refused admission.
  7. Persons suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be prohibited from entering the Willows Swim Club enclosure.
  8. Horseplay, such as running, splashing, shoving or dunking, is not permitted. Likewise, roughness, rowdy behavior or other conduct affecting the safety and comfort of others will not be permitted.
  9. Expectorating, spitting, spouting water or blowing the nose in the pool is prohibited.
  10. The cleanliness of toilet facilities is a major concern to the health and welfare of all members, and defacing or misuse should be reported to the Pool Manager immediately.
  11. Users of the furniture, bathrooms, changing areas, pavilion and lawn areas are personally responsible for leaving them neat and clean, with all refuse placed in the proper containers.
  12. Garbage and trash is to be disposed of in the proper containers. Aluminum cans should be disposed of in containers marked for this purpose. We are required to recycle.
  13. No dogs (except Seeing Eye dogs) or other animals will be allowed inside the pool enclosure.
  14. No eating is allowed on the concrete apron surrounding the pools. No containers made of glass will be allowed on Club grounds.
  15. All bathers must wear appropriate bathing apparel. “Cut-offs” or similar apparel worn during the day for other activities is not considered appropriate bathing apparel. Underwear will not be worn while swimming.
  16. No foot covering of any kind is permitted to be worn on the concrete apron surrounding the pools.
  17. Children under the age of 10 are not permitted to use the diving tank until they have passed a swim test administered by a pool staff member.
  18. The diving tank shall be for DIVING ONLY and diving is permitted from the diving boards ONLY. The diving tank is limited to qualified swimmers. (See “Q” above)
  19. Swimming or bathing will be prohibited during an electrical storm.
  20. No smoking is permitted inside the pool gates. Smoking is permitted in the parking log, please us the the containers provided to dispose of cigarettes.
  21. Profanity, improper behavior, abusive language and vulgar remarks are prohibited.
  22. No running, pushing or any other rough or dangerous activity will be permitted inside the pool enclosure.
  23. Ball playing is permitted only in the designated area(s). Ball playing in the pool will be allowed at management discretion.
  24. Children in the Kiddie Pool must be supervised at all times by an adult other than a pool employee. Use of the Kiddie Pool is limited to children up to 6 years of age.
  25. Dressing facilities are available. DO NOT change diapers in public, or permit young children to walk around without clothing.
  26. Diving is allowed ONLY in designated areas. No diving from the sides of the pool in less than five (5) feet of water.

A1. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on Club property.

A2. Handicap parking spaces are reserved for Handicapped registered vehicles only.  Violators of this rule will be subject to South Brunswick fines. In no way is the Pool Club responsible for said fines.



  1. Hanging on, sitting on or playing with ropes, buoys or ladders is prohibited.
  2. Fins and other swimming accessories will be permitted only with the permission of the Pool Manager.
  3. Artificial flotation devices, such as rubber balls, inner tubes, water wings, air-inflated toys, mattresses and life jackets, and metal objects are not allowed in the Main Pool, except during designated raft hours and/or nights. Coast guard approved flotation devices/Puddle Jumpers are allowed in the main pool as long as a parent is in the water and within an arms reach of their child.
  4. Climbing on lifeguard stations is permitted by authorized personnel ONLY.
  5. Emergency equipment is to be used by lifeguards only.
  6. First Aid equipment is to be used by qualified, authorized personnel only.
  7. Diving Boards:
  • In order to use the diving bond, children must pass the deep water test.
  • Only one person allowed on a diving board at a time.
  • Diving boards should be mounted by ladder only.
  • The diver must wait for previous diver to move to poolside ladder.
  • Diver must make one bounce only.
  • Diver must dive straight out from front of diving board, and diving backward is not permitted.
  • Upon leaving the board, the diver must swim to nearest ladder.
  • Swimming in the diving tank is not allowed.
  • Hanging onto the diving board is not allowed.
  • Diving into the swimming pool requires extreme care. It is important to know the shape of the pool bottom (ask manager or lifeguards), and to avoid striking the bottom or the sides. Do not make steep dives. Make dives of shallow trajectory. Before diving, extend hands and arms over head and face palms forward. Keep arms extended during the dive.
  • Untrained divers require at least 5 feet of water when diving. Dive straight forward from the diving board only. Form shallow upward arc to avoid striking the bottom.  Improper diving could cause serious injury, possibly resulting in paralysis or death.