The Willows Swim Club is a privately owned cooperative club that offers both bonded and non-bonded memberships to members of the community.

Bonded Members are those who have paid a refundable bond at the time they joined the club, allowing them a discounted rate, eligibility to sit on the Board of Trustees, and the ability to vote on any matter pertaining to the club. Each bonded member (or household) owns part of the club. In accordance with our Bylaws, ownership is limited to 285 bonded family memberships, so each bonded family actually owns 1/285 of the club.

Note: A household is defined as one or two adults and their unmarried natural, legally adopted or legally fostered children under the age of 26 living at the same address. If more than 2 adults are on your membership, they must be permanent residents of your household and have proof of residency.

Although becoming a bonded member is the most economical way to enjoy the Willows Swim Club, we also offer non-bonded memberships.

Bonded Membership Descriptions

Non-Bonded Membership Descriptions


*Some accounts have payment installment options available if paid online and before April 30th.